Flezo Film Development

Product Description

We are developing products using organic piezoelectric film (Piezo Electricity Film).

Piezoelectric Technology Development

Device development business utilizing high-performance organic piezoelectric film (Piezo Electricity Film) with high potential of the
development of organic EL display, printing technology, organic semiconductor materials and the possibility of organic materials has unlimited possibilities. We are working straight through the line from material development of high performance film to power generation to device development.
This will provide various devices useful for society.

Development case introduction

- Providing devices to the medical field
Taking advantage of the property that the acoustic impedance is close to that of water (living body), catches micro vibration generated in the body. In addition to making it possible to provide clear biological sounds to medical professionals, the display,
sharing and recording of auscultatory sounds became possible with smartphones, tablet PCs, etc.Medical staff are able to utilize this at an educational site. A medical tool that can be deployed to a remote monitoring system.
 Type II medical device manufacture and sale permission Acquired number: 35B2X10002
 Medical equipment Manufacturer registration certificate acquired number: 03BZ200016
 ISO 13485: 2016 acquired

- Providing devices to agriculture and related service fields
We have developed an ultrasonic oscillation speaker , which can irradiate ultrasonic wave to 360°azimuth, which can not be done with the existing ultrasonic oscillation speaker and instantaneously switch oscillation frequency of a broadband ultrasonic wave program. Originally developed from material development with the technology of organic piezoelectric film, with this device combined low voltage driving is realized. Tools can be provided to promote the evasion of moths and rats harmful to agricultural crops and the prevention of disease and food damage.

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