Human Resources Development

As we have been in business for more than 70 years now, JRCS continues in its daily effort to make further leaps into the diversity and face the challenges of digital business. Our greatest effort is in the training of people to support such challenges. Someone who can accurately grasp the needs of the customer and society and is able to provide the customer with the best solution. Someone who can quickly perceive changes in the times and in business structure while flexibly growing in oneself and who is able to use that power for action and awareness. Training such people is an indispensable investment in continuing to provide products and service of an “impressive quality” for customers. To this end, the company is working together with employees through various training programs, committee activities and self-development sessions to create such people.

In addition to this, to create a workplace where JRCS employees themselves are able to smile is we believe important in order for customers to appreciate the products and service we deliver. For this reason, an environment in which each employee can work safely and securely where flexible working methods can be introduced is being developed.

Fostering World Class Talent

The aim of JRCS is to become a group of talented people who have through world-class education acquired expertise and skills. This is being achieved by a fulfilling training program developing human resources.

The Basic Policy of Human Resource Development

Training Programs

There are many opportunities for learning, including "JRCS cram school," in which internal and external experts serve as lecturers; "Open Class," for employees who are considering taking promotional qualification tests or full-time employee acceptance tests; and study sessions on specialized knowledge and skills planned independently by each department.

Self-development Support System

The JRCS goal of human resource development is "self-grow human resources". For that reason, we support the activities of employees who voluntarily aim for skill improvement, such as language studies, specialized fields, areas of their own interest or acquisition of qualifications. We are also promoting the creation of an environment where learning online without being restricted by the time and place is available.

Mental Health Care

We have a system in place to appropriately provide mental health care by having industrial physicians, human resources and general affairs staff with qualified personnel work together to address employee concerns from multiple perspectives and conduct regular interviews. We also hold "mini study sessions for improving the workplace environment" as needed, in which industrial counselors serve as lecturers.

Mental Health Care

Creating an Environment where Work can be Enjoyed Safely and Energetically

Characteristics of individual employees, such as their interests, suitability, expertise and home environment are different in each case. We are striving to improve the environment by closely matching the characteristics of these individuals with the needs of the company so that employees can work actively demonstrating their full potential to achieve high productivity.

Annual Paid Leave System by the Hour

Annual paid leave can be taken by the hour. Several hours can be dispensed and taken effectively.

Part Time Employment (Child Care/Nursing)

If your child has yet to become a Primary School 4th year, or your family require you to help with nursing then a 6-hour working day is possible. Again, if your child has yet to enter Junior High School, sick/injured child care leave can be arranged. The system also provides child care and nursing allowing staggered working hours.

Full-time Employee Acceptance Test

Contract employees who have met certain criteria, such as having more than six months in service, are eligible to take the full-time employee acceptance test.

Long Service Vacation

On reaching the age of 59 years old, or an employee who has given 10, 20, 30 years of service becomes eligible to take long service vacation for refreshment, in appreciation.

In-house Nursery

The in-house nursery (Kikuho Land) offers care for infants and toddlers from 0 to 6 years old. Located next to the factory canteen, parents can have peace of mind while at work.

In-house Nursery


You can work from home or at our office outside of your work location, reducing travel time and allowing you to work more efficiently.

Creating a Climate that Welcomes Free Ideas

JRCS aims to create innovation in the marine market, encouraging new ideas that are not bound by the constraints of ordinary sense or stereotypes of the manufacturing and marine industries. JRCS is also committed to listening to diverse opinions and fostering a culture that flexibly incorporates new ideas from both inside and outside the company.

“Secondary Employment” OK!

In the hopes that employees will be respected as a member of society before they become company employees, we allow them secondary employment so that they can make use of their expertise and skills for the benefit of society. If funds are needed, the company will provide up to 50,000 yen per person as a lump-sum payment to support secondary employment and will encourage employees to rise to the challenge.

“Secondary Employment” OK!

Casual Everyday

Employees are working dressed in clothes of their own choice. As this is a specific wish of the CEO in order to liberate their personality and free their ability for diverse thinking, dress codes are at a minimum. This was considered an unusual initiative in the prefecture and was picked up by a newspaper.

Digital Tools

For greater operational efficiency, all employees in the manufacturing department are lent tablets. The tablets are installed with the same software as the PCs loaned to all employees except for those in the manufacturing department, which enables them to manage attendance, make various applications, and exchange e-mails. In addition, employees can easily communicate with each other using video conferencing and group chats on the groupware installed throughout the company.

Free Address System

Free-address areas with no fixed seating are gradually being expanded in order to stimulate communication across divisions and create an environment in which ideas can be freely exchanged.

Free Address System
expanded in order to stimulate communication

Health and Safety Committee

Regarding safety and hygiene in the workplace, we believe that it is important not only to obey instructions from the company but also to discover problems from the field perspective, to pose and practice ideas as one's own responsibility. Therefore, candidates from each workplace and those recommended by division heads participate in two subcommittees, the "Safety Subcommittee" and the "Health Subcommittee," to carry out voluntary activities. The Safety Subcommittee makes full use of the creativity of its members to improve the workplace. The Health Subcommittee discusses measures against heat stroke, back pain, and new infectious diseases, which are linked to internal policies. With a strong sense of "improving our own workplace environment with our own hands," all members work together to create "smiles" on the faces of employees.

Health and Safety Committee

Mascot Character

JRCS has a commitment to "listen to the opinions of others". Our original mascot character "Kikuho" was created to "watch over" our employees so that they are always aware of the importance of listening. Kikuho is used in meetings, training sessions, and various other situations as a role model for employees.

Mascot Character

Awards Received

Awards Received