JRCS Group CEO Chairman and President of JRCS Co.Ltd. Koichiro Kondo

Just Right Customer Solution

70% of the earth's surface is covered by oceans. We were born on a water planet and have lived with the ocean since ancient times.

In this day and age, the ocean plays a central role in the global transportation. In fact, more than 90% of energy resources, industrial raw materials, and various goods necessary for food, clothing, and shelter are delivered to the world by sea. As an important means of marine transportation, ships are an indispensable lifeline that supports our lives and industries.

However, the people who work in the marine industry face many difficulties every day in the harsh environment of the sea.

With a corporate mission of "never stopping marine transportation," JRCS is constantly taking on the challenge of figuring out what we should do to solve the difficulties and protect the environment of our precious planet, earth.

JRCS will create a corporate culture that is comfortable with change, with a growth mindset that is not bound by past successes and stereotypes, but is instead transformed into an attitude of "learning everything positively”. We will create new value that our customers really want by making full use of digital technology and combining our manufacturing know-how of hardware with new software. And we will support a sustainable society. It is not an easy task, but by daring to challenge difficulties, JRCS will support the lives of all people in the world, protect the global environment, and fulfill our responsibility to a sustainable world.

「No Challenge, No Glory」

Seeking the glory that lies beyond challenges, we, JRCS, move forward!

Chairman and President of JRCS Co.Ltd.
Koichiro Kondo