A smile is a product of JRCS

In 1948, JRCS came into the world with only a few people. Even as a generic manufacturer, JRCS was a challenger.
There was hot debate on how we could please and produce the only choice for customers.
At that time, all employees were “mutual” in going forward to the same goal.
In the words of our founder Takakiyo Kondo. We are a community of destiny.

In the course of history, as the number of employees has increased, a vertically-divided organization has been formed unnoticed.
As the evaluation of products has increased, with the fear of change the spirit of challenge has been lost.

Moment by moment, hour by hour the era is changing. A world that cannot be imagined in modern times is spreading to the future.
A product that is acceptable now may not be required in the future. It may be unacceptable to customers.

We will once again return to the origin of our establishment.
Having a vision, going beyond common thinking and being one step ahead.
In any age the significance of our existence is to “Never stop the flow of sea cargo”, make the world a more convenient place and create a smile on the faces of people worldwide.

Management Philosophy

Management Philosophy

The significance of our existence

Providing a market in which trust and world-class quality products creates a smile on the faces of people worldwide

Management Policy
  • Grasp the customer’s needs and refine those needs into products and service
  • JRCS mission is to give priority to the safety and stability of employees and their families
  • Keep a cheerful and open-minded atmosphere and team work through mutual trust and communication in which employees can reach their full team potential resulting in their pride in production
  • Actively invest in future businesses to maintain a corporate culture of always taking on new challenges without settling for existing businesses
JRCS Mission

Never to stop the marine transportation

JRCS Vision

Just Right Customer Solution

The guideline for daily action (Common values)