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Started full-scale operation of telework after a one-year trial operation

JRCS started teleworking on April 1, 2020 to improve operational efficiencies. You can choose where to work flexibly depending on your day’s work, such as your home or our office outside your place of work.

Before the full-scale introduction of the system, approximately 60 people participated in the test for the last year. We have discussed various points including attendance, business management, and security measures. Having the verification, the countermeasures have been implemented. As an example, in response to the comments from managers that it is difficult to grasp the status of members and members that they cannot consult easily, we have created an environment that facilitates smooth communication, such as introducing groupware that enables chats and online meetings throughout the company.
These initiatives have proven successful, and we have been able to carry out our business without any major disruptions even in the event of the outbreak of the new coronaviral outbreak.

Going forward, we will work to create an environment in which each and every employee can achieve better results by assessing the effects of telework from the perspectives of “reducing long working hours,” “improving productivity through concentration,” “responding promptly to customers,” and “ensuring business continuity in an emergency.”


An employee who is engaged in translation work at home. In addition to being able to concentrate, it is also advantageous to save time on traveling, so that employees can afford to do housework and raise children with leeway.