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Case Study: A-Line Ferry’s Ryukyu Express 7 Equipped with infoceanus connect.

Recently one of our digital solutions, infoceanus connect, was installed on A-Line Ferry’s Ryukyu Express 7. The digital platform functions as the name suggests; it is capable of connecting vessels to land-based supervisors. Through our application, supervisors can manage and check the status of their ship or fleet, allowing for a safer, optimized navigational experience.

<How it Started>
A-Line Ferry had expressed a need for improving fuel efficiency and safety by monitoring vessel operation status, fuel consumption, and engine conditions from shore. In a time where there has been a huge push for digital transformation within the marine industry, the installation of connect was a mutually beneficial opportunity. With navigational safety and GHG reduction in mind, A-Line Ferry was quick to focus on IoT-based operation management – leading them to choose JRCS for their monitoring and management needs.

In preparation for service installation, our product owners checked in with A-Line Ferry regularly. They listened to their feedback and improved the application where necessary. In fact, our infoceanus series is constantly improving with our users’ comments and preferences in mind. This is made possible through the efforts of our agile software development team, who take special care in making the app feel like a personalized experience for each customer.

Connect was officially put into operation on the Ryukyu Express 7 on December 8th, 2022. Even after service installation, we continue to maintain consistent contact with our users so that we can create a product that reflects the customer’s values. Afterall, it is exceedingly important that we prioritize the safe and optimal performance of each vessel.

<A-Line’s Testimonial>
Our relationship with JRCS started with installation of their alarm and monitoring systems, and through its consistent reliability we really trust and have a high regard for their services. We are eager to make use of infoceanus connect, so that we can navigate and manage our ship in an integrated manner, between land and ship. We have high expectations for connect and are looking forward to sailing with improved fuel efficiency and convenient operational management. – A-Line Staff, December 2022 (translated from the original Japanese).

JRCS’ infoceanus series uses state-of-the-art technology to find resolutions to our customers troubles and support those in the marine industry. If you want to learn more about what our services can do for you, or would like to request a demonstration, please click the link below:

A-Line Ferry

<Vessel Information>

A-Line Ferry Co.,Ltd.
Ryukyu Express 7
Deployment Date
December 8th, 2022
Service Route
Tokyo route (Tokyo – Shibushi, Kagoshima to Naha, Okinawa)
Naikai Zosen Corporation
13,631 tons
Vessel Measurements
190.9 m (L)x 27.0 m (W)
Loading Capacity
187 trailers/ 204 passenger cars
Refrigeration power
220V 90 ports, 440V 90 ports
Sailing speed
approx. 22.0 knots

*Derived from the website of A-Line Ferry (Japanese)

<Service Featuresn>
Infoceanus connect is a platform that allows onshore supervisors to monitor navigational data and engine status of their vessels in real time. Additionally, the connection to the Alarm Monitoring System allows for accurate and quick decision making at the first sign of trouble.

Application view:
Application view