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Having the power to understand right to the heart of the matter (listening training has begun)

The launch of new listening training for employees of JRCS.

The image that JRCS is drawing for the future is “Just Right Customer Solution” Our aim is to provide the solution to customer’s requests and even problems that they themselves are not aware of by accurately grasping the situation.
To that end, each employee is to undergo listening training.The meaning of “hear” is not only to understand the sound coming to the ear, but moreover to carefully pay attention with your eyes and mind for a deeper understanding.In other words, “active listening” is not hearing with your position or values in mind but listening attentively until you have reached a full understanding. Furthermore, not only listening but solving various problems through involvement.

This training, planned by the personnel department, is to impress upon employees the importance of listening.Ms. Masami Terada, an accredited supervisor from the Japanese Industry Counseling Society was invited for one day of intensive training. The significance and technique of active listening was covered with lectures entitled “The difference of listening to everyday conversation and listening as a counselor” and “How to listen”.
At the first one which was held in February, some people were saying that they were listening to the same old things and treated it like a piece of cake, however they came unstuck. Listening to other people’s stories and returning words and attitudes in the same old way, it was soon realized that when the listening became more attentive the stories were completely different.
So, to say that there are magical words to be aware of when listening is not the case. When people are involved it’s never the same result twice. Ms. Terada said, “It’s a waste of time to remember many phrases to tell to other people. It’s important to be able to choose appropriate words and attitudes depending on the situation.”

Managers were obliged to attend however anyone with a real interest is welcome. The fact that a small stuffed doll, “Kikuho” is given as a proof of completion is actually a sign of enjoyment.

The mascot character is watching over all the JRCS employees who demonstrate their listening power.
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