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  • “Kikuho” our “Listening” character is off on a class visit.Thursday, June 20 will see the first visit of “Kikuho” to a nursery school in Shimonoseki.

Press Release

“Kikuho” our “Listening” character is off on a class visit.
Thursday, June 20 will see the first visit of “Kikuho” to a nursery school in Shimonoseki.

JRCS Co. Ltd. (1-2-14 Higashiyamato cho, Shimonoseki-city, Yamaguchi Pref., President: Koichiro Kondo) has newly produced a costume together with an original song for Kikuho with the concept of “Listening”. From June 2019, Kikuho will visit nursery schools and elementary schools and also join in events hosted by the prefecture and city to convey the importance of “Listening”.

“Listening” not only means to understand the sound coming into the ear, but rather “active listening” means to carefully focus with your ears, eyes and mind.
Kikuho is always watching over JRCS, employees have been able to demonstrate their listening skills and work on creating a corporate culture that listens closely to their peers.

We believe that providing this value to society, instead of keeping this value in-house, as part of our CSR activities will help to reduce various communication problems such as bullying and harassment.

As the first shot, “Kikuho” will appear at a “Communication Exchange Meeting” organized by Yutaka Nursery Center in Shimonoseki City on Thursday, June 20, and will brighten the exchange between children and local senior citizens. For media cover of the event please contact us by June 10th (Monday) if you would like to cover the day. (Requests made after the 10th June may not be acceptable.)

The content of the class visits and events will include picture-storytelling and dances using original songs, and devices and tricks that make learning the importance of “listening” fun. As it is possible to correspond flexibly to various themes such as athletic meets and open day, please feel free to contact us.

The future aim of JRCS is to realize a kind society that respects others and brings a smile to the faces of people through the activity of Kikuho.


Being 190 cm tall, Kikuho may seem a little overwhelming! But please be assured that children will hug Kikuho and be very happy.

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