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Press Release

The infinity series has been reborn as “infoceanus”, bringing “command” the latest digital solution!

JRCS (1-2-14 Higashiyamato-machi, Shimonoseki, Yamaguchi, Chairman and President, JRCS Group CEO: Koichiro Kondo) is pleased to announce that our digital solution has been rebranded from “infinity” to “infoceanus”. In addition, a new digital solution, “command,” was launched on November 16, 2020 for autonomous operations in order to solve the problems faced by the shipping industry, such as labor shortages and inefficiencies caused by old methods of operation.

JRCS established the Digital Innovation LAB in April 2018 to drive the digital transformation of the shipping and marine industries. The new pillar of JRCS’s business is to enhance its marketing efforts to uncover new markets that do not currently exist and to introduce new products in response to them. JRCS aims to change the image of the marine industries to one that is progressive and attractive, while reducing crew stress through the use of the latest digital technology. JRCS’s product delivery is based on agile development principles that emphasize continuous customer feedback during the development cycles and gather valuable user experience (UX) from the customer’s perspective. In addition, CI/CD (Continuous Integration/Continuous Delivery) tools and methods has firmly been established with the integration of the DevOps platform.

<Outline of the rebrand>

“infinity” is rebranded to “infoceanus”.
(“infoceanus” website URL:

The utilization of digital technologies such as Artificial Intelligence (AI) and Intelligence of Things (IoT) enabled us in April 2019 to offer ‘training’ and in June 2020 ‘assist’ from the infinity brand. With the rebrand of “infoceanus” we aim to further expand.
The combining of four words: ”infinity”, ”information” ”ocean” and “us” has become “infoceanus” a digital brand unique to JRCS. This represents our desire for users to make the most of the solutions we offer and to provide a kind of information hub for the ocean. Oceanus, which is hidden in our brand name is the personification of the world-ocean in Greek Myth, conveying the truth of the sea, being able to confirm conditions better than the human eye.

<Outline of “command” solution>

Generic cameras and computer vision-based situational awareness technologies fully support safe operation of ships. Conventionally, operators need to visually recognize and identify obstacles in the course of navigation and small ships/boats that cannot be recognized by navigation instruments. This product helps to reduce the strong sense of stress that a ship operator experiences, especially in areas where many ships are concentrated, such as narrow channels and congested sea areas, and supports safe navigation.
By utilizing IoT, AI, and other technologies and data, we expect to be safer, more accurate, less labor-intensive, and quicker in all aspects, and our goal is to advocate and lead the way in the future when automatic and autonomous ship operations become a reality.

Assist in the safe operation of ships with situational awareness technology using computer vision
Targeted users
Anyone involved in ship’s operations regardless of domestic or international navigation, type and size of ships
  • Situational awareness (AI)
  • Map annotation
  • Navigation guide
Using computer vision, “command” detects objects at sea from camera images at any time of the day or night to assist in the safe operation of ships. It detects the presence of small vessels, buoys and drifting objects that are not equipped with AIS and notifies the operator.
In addition, machine learning model data and ship information can be synchronized with the cloud through the edge server, providing continuous service even in sea areas without Internet access.
In addition, a map annotation function is provided, allowing you to register routes and conditions in the vicinity as icons on a map with simple operations. The marked-up icons can be shared with all users, including your own company, by setting the sharing range.
In the future, we plan to provide the ability to predict the movement of other vessels and obstacles in the path and suggest avoidance routes if they might affect the ship’s route. Furthermore, we aim to integrate all navigation instruments.
In addition to reducing the burden on the ship operator and improving the working environment, “command” also provides an unprecedented style of communication and contributes to the further safe operation of the ship.
Release date
November 16, 2020

<Release product concept movie>


From our founding in 1948, with the support of many people JRCS has continued to grow as a company deeply involved in the ocean.
Strengths which we have cultivated during our time in the global marine business have motivated us to constantly explore what our customers are searching for and by using digital technology and know-how enable us to provide the best solutions. With the core of our corporate philosophy being the creation of customer satisfaction, we are able to develop products that give emphasis to the user experience (UX) directly from the user’s perspective. Additionally, incorporating a system that quickly allows us to apply customer feedback in the development of our products, JRCS continues its transformation with you while sensing the changing times.

<Contact information>

Ms. Michiru Tsuboue
Digital Innovation LAB
JRCS Co., Ltd.

TEL: 083-261-0212 
Business hours: 8:30-17:30 (weekdays only)

For all enquiries please contact

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