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Press Release

The release of a new infoceanus solution “infoceanus connect”

JRCS (1-2-14 Higashiyamato-machi, Shimonoseki, Yamaguchi, Chairman and President, JRCS Group CEO: Koichiro Kondo) is pleased to announce the launch of “infoceanus connect,” a new digital solution for the “infoceanus” series of digital service brands that supports energy-saving operations by utilizing ship data to reduce GHG (Greenhouse Gas) and optimize ship operations.
With the release of “connect” to support operational management, in addition to “assist” to support on-site operations and “command” to support safe operations, the “infoceanus” series maximizes the potential of ships and supports the operations of all those involved in them from all directions. Each of these services can be used by subscribing to an application contract, centered on the “intelligence edge,” an edge appliance installed on the ship.

JRCS established the Digital Innovation LAB in April 2018 to drive the digital transformation of the shipping and marine industries. The new pillar of JRCS’s business is to enhance its marketing efforts to uncover new markets that do not currently exist and to introduce new products in response to them. Our goal is to reduce the stress of the crew by using the latest digital technology and to change the image of the shipping industry to an advanced and attractive one. In order to develop products that emphasize user experience (UX) from the user’s perspective, we apply agile development methods. Also, from the perspective of continuous delivery, we have established a CI/CD environment and a DevOps system.

<Outline of infoceanus connect>

IoT & data analytics to maximize vessel operational performance

Onshore operations managers have a wide range of duties, including managing ship operations and responding to problems. In particular, real-time information on vessel operations and fuel consumption is an important factor that has a significant impact on the company’s performance indicators.
In order to solve these issues, JRCS will provide a ship-to-land communication system that utilizes IoT transmission to connect onboard equipment and edge appliances (servers) that collect operational information with the cloud environment on land. By visualizing and analyzing key performance indicators such as ship operation status and fuel consumption in real time, the system maximizes the operational performance of ships.

A ship-to-land communication system provides the solution to visualizes and analyzes the performance information on fleet and onboard equipment.
Targeted users
Shore operations manager for ship management company
  • Fleet map view
  • Monitoring dashboard
  • Connected vessel platform
Through data collection by the intelligent edge server installed on the ship and linkage with the cloud, the ship’s operation manager on land can grasp the ship’s operation status in real time using multiple devices such as smartphones, tablets and PCs to support on-time and optimal ship operation.
It has the capability to visualize fuel consumption and operating conditions of the main engine, and can assist in maintenance planning based on performance and trend data of the main engine.
In the future, performance analysis solutions for fleet and onboard equipment will be included, contributing to the optimization of operating costs and preventive maintenance through continuous equipment condition monitoring and analysis over the lifetime of a ship.
In addition, we will continue to monitor greenhouse gas (CO2) and air pollutant (NOx/SOx) emissions from ship operations and comply with EU-MRV, which indicates that the ship is operating in compliance with environmental regulations.
“infoceanus connect” shows the Key Performance Indicators (KPI) that includes the cost, safety, and environmental aspects of operations, and aims to make further contributions toward energy-saving operations and reduction of environmental impact.
A stable and secure connected vessel maximizes vessel operational performance with IoT & data analytics to support shore operations managers anytime, anywhere.
Released date
May 27, 2021

Image of infoceanus connect

Image of infoceanus connect

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infoceanus connect

<About JRCS>

From our founding in 1948, with the support of many people JRCS has continued to grow as a company deeply involved in the ocean.
Strengths which we have cultivated during our time in the global marine business have motivated us to constantly explore what our customers are searching for and by using digital technology and know-how enable us to provide the best solutions. With the core of our corporate philosophy being the creation of customer satisfaction, we are able to develop products that give emphasis to the user experience (UX) directly from the user’s perspective. Additionally, incorporating a system that quickly allows us to apply customer feedback in the development of our products, JRCS continues its transformation with you while sensing the changing times.

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