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Press Release

Update information on digital product “infoceanus” series
Expanded functionality of assist/command/connect to improve convenience

JRCS (1-2-14 Higashiyamato-machi, Shimonoseki, Yamaguchi, Chairman and President, JRCS Group CEO: Koichiro Kondo) has been providing infoceanus series “assist”, “command” and “connect” as solutions to maximize the potential of ships and to support all people involved in marine activities.
The new features of each product will be released on October 14, 2021, and the infoceanus series will provide new value to everyone involved.

Update overview on “assist”
Expanded search function provides you with the quick and accurate information you need.

“assist” is a maintenance solution that reduces the workload of seafarers on the front line. Based on user feedback, this service offers a range of practical functions, including trouble reporting using visual information such as photos and images, centralized management of troubleshooting, and information sharing with shore-based managers.
Additionally, we have implemented a search engine that can perform full-text searches using any keyword or phrase from a large amount of document data, allowing you to narrow down the search results precisely. This further improves work efficiency and reduces the burden of daily work as it acts as an active tool supporting troubleshooting and maintenance.

Update overview on assist


Update overview on “command”
Electronic charts (ENC), layering of map information, and vessel tracking are now available.

“command” is a tool to support the safe operation of vessels by detecting vessels, buoys and drifting objects that are not equipped with AIS, using computer vision (AI-based image recognition) technology originally developed by JRCS.
Newly added in this release, electronic nautical charts (ENC) are available for use now. The display content (layers) of the nautical charts can be shown or hidden according to the purpose of use. You can choose to display simple nautical charts or layer various information.
In addition to the ability to view and operate electronic charts, a vessel tracking function has been added to the camera view to support collision avoidance and enhance situational awareness. Vessel tracking keeps tracked vessel information in view as well as supports customizable warnings (visual and audio elements) for nearby vessels.

Update overview on command


Update overview on “connect”
This service provides near real-time information on the status of vessels creating the link for timely decision making and advanced support from shore.

“connect” is a dashboard solution that allows the operation manager to check the location, navigation, and engine status of the managed vessels in real time.
In the current release, an alarm functionality based on the popular alarm management system (AMS) was included. Information on alarms and ongoing issues (e.g. fire, engine trouble, and low insulation) managed by the ship’s engine monitoring system can now be monitored from shore. With the introduction of this service, data collection, reporting, and progress observation, which used to be carried out on the vessel, can now be carried out by the operation manager from anywhere, enabling a quick response in case of trouble.

Update overview on connect


Company Profile of JRCS

Our corporate mission at JRCS is to always think and act on the question, “What should we do now to make everyone in the world smile?”. Therefore, we incorporate feedback from people working onboard ships, our partners in the maritime logistics industry, and all of our customers into our products as new functions and provide new experience values through our services.
Maritime logistics supports the lives of people all over the world, and we hope that digital technology will support all maritime workers greatly, with the goal of reducing their daily burden and stress levels. JRCS’s wish for them is to be able to spend their precious time with people they love and bring smiles to their faces.
For product introduction and demo application of the infoceanus series, please refer to the website: “”.


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