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Press Release

Announced partnership to provide GHG reduction and optimal operation system

JRCS Co.Ltd. (1-2-14 Higashiyamato-machi, Shimonoseki, Yamaguchi, Chairman and President, JRCS Group CEO: Koichiro Kondo) and The Viswa Group (headquartered in Houston, U.S.A.) have entered into a partnership to provide optimal operation systems that maximize vessel performance and contribute to the marine industry’s efforts to achieve virtually zero greenhouse gas emissions.

JRCS Co.Ltd., a ship engine control system provider, and The Viswa Group, a digital solution provider, will provide an optimal navigation system with streamlined data analysis via their respective cloud environments.
The direct connection between JRCS’s “infoceanus connect”, and Viswa Group’s smart vessel cloud environment, allows companies to quickly optimize their vessel operations through live data monitoring, machinery status insight, electronic logbooks, and fleet KPI (Key Performance Indicator) evaluation. In addition, we will be able to offer systems that comply with regulations such as EU-MRV and IMO-DCS, which are in growing demand in GHG reduction efforts.

Vessel operational optimization is growing as more shipping companies analyze real-world data of their vessels. This trend toward everyday analysis – where performance evaluation occurs as part of the daily process – requires excellent quality and speedy data delivery to increase profitability.
JRCS and Viswa Group offer a solution to this need by providing no human interference with direct integration with onboard sensors, edge appliance and cloud.

The integration between JRCS, and Viswa Group allows the easy exchange of information through a cloud-based application with highest cybersecurity standards.
For companies in time pressured industries, these help to shorten and enhance decision-making.


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<infoceanus connect>

“infoceanus connect” provides a ship-to-land communication system that utilizes an edge appliance (server) collecting onboard equipment data and operational information, a cloud environment, and IoT transmission connecting these devices. The solution maximizes vessel operational performance by visualizing and analyzing key performance indicators such as vessel operational status and fuel consumption in real time.
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<Viswa Group>

Viswa Group was founded in 1991 and is headquartered in Houston, USA, with offices in Singapore, Shanghai, UK, and other locations. As a progressive global company specializing in fuel analysis, Viswa has delivered more than 8,000 vessels to 600 companies.
For more information, please refer to the website:



We at JRCS established the Digital Innovation LAB in April 2018 with the hope that digital technology will support maritime logistics, which supports people’s lives, and the people who work there, to bring smiles to their faces and make sure they spend precious time with their loved ones. Since its establishment, we have incorporated feedback from people working on board, our partners involved in maritime logistics, and all our customers into our products as new features, providing new experience value through our services.


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