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Press Release

infoceanus New Release Announcement New Features in JRCS’ Digital Solution Series

There have been some recent updates in the JRCS’ digital series infoceanus. JRCS is a company that has been producing electronic switch boards, alarm monitoring systems, and other electrical equipment for ships over the last 75 years. As a part of a new initiative to help those in the marine industry, the digital solution infoceanus was created.

About infoceanus:

Within the infoceanus series, the product ‘command’ uses computer vision and AI to help seafarers navigate congested waters and avoid collisions. The solution ‘connect’ can measure the output of GHG (greenhouse gases) to help prevent large amounts of emissions. Connect can also monitor the status of a ship’s onboard equipment from onshore. Infoceanus ‘assist’ provides troubleshooting and reporting tools for engineers.

New Features of infoceanus include:


  • Emissions Monitoring: onshore supervisors can now monitor NOx Sox and CO2 emissions to stay within emissions regulations.
  • All Channel Data: refers to the cumulative list of all available on-board sensors (channels) and their real-time data, which allows onshore supervisors to monitor the status of equipment, including engine- and electrical machinery, as well as alarm status all in one place.
  • Emissions MonitoringEmissions Monitoring
  • All Channel DataAll Channel Data


  • Nighttime Detection: we provided nighttime detection through computer vision and AI . The newly developed image enhancement ensures that regular camera’s images can be used for night vision, at a much lower cost than using IR cameras or other similar equipment for nighttime detection.*
  • UX/UI: has been improved though a close collaboration with our users resulting in new interfaces, enhanced interactions and is reflected in constant updates to support our users’ needs.
  • Regular Camera (Non-infrared) Nighttime DetectionRegular Camera (Non-infrared) Nighttime Detection
  • UX/UI UpdateUX/UI Update

*The development of this product was made possible by a grant from the Nippon Foundation through the New Product Development Grant Program of the Japan Ship Machinery & Equipment Association.
The Nippon Foundation

Available Now.
For more information on infoceanus, visit

About JRCS:

Our goal is to always support marine transportation . We move towards this goal by incorporating the users’ feedback and requests into our digital applications and products. We believe that infoceanus will support marine industry workers and will reduce the daily burdens and stress on seafarers, positively impacting marine logistics. JRCS will continue to strive for seafarers’ wellbeing, so they can spend less of their time under stress and more time with the people they love. Website:

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