Engine Control Console

Product Description

The Engine Control Console (ECC) contains devices which allow for the remote control and monitoring of main equipment.
While the ECC’s main role is to control and monitor the main and auxiliary engines (and their related equipment), it also equipped with devices which allow for telephone conversation, remote monitoring of alarms, alerting the crew in the event of an emergency, and many other functions which are necessary for safe and smooth navigation.
The ECC contains its own Alarm, Monitoring and Control System (AMS, AMCS). Various kinds of sensors within the vessel constantly feed information on the main engine, generator, and auxiliary equipment status to the ECC. This information can be viewed easily on the console’s Liquid Crystal Display (LCD) and used to control the vessel as necessary.
The LCD also provides full remote start/stop control of the main engine, generators, and auxiliary equipment, making operation simple and hassle-free for the crew.

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