Group Starter Panel

Product Description

The JGP-21 Group Starter Panel (GSP) is composed of multiple NSU starter units equipped with CPUs which are specifically designed to handle marine control sequences. Motors can be controlled and monitored using the operation panels. These panels are among the smallest in the world, offering superior operability and maintainability in a compact package.
Circuit simplicity and interrupting performance has been greatly improved thanks to the Manual Motor Starter (MMS) units which combine a circuit breaker with overload protection. These improvements make the GSP more reliable than ever before. Each MMS can support motors of up to AC 450 V 37 kW, with an interrupting performance of AC 450 V 35 kA.
By combining a high-performance NSU and MMS, we were able to reduce the standard unit width to just 300 mm, making our products some of the smallest in the industry.
Thanks to its small size, the JGP-21 can be used in even smaller vessels without sacrificing the high maintainability and operability you have come to expect from a JRCS product.

Project Development History

In response to customer requests for more cargo and living space, designers have reduced the size of the engine room in order to keep the overall vessel size the same. This means that engine room equipment such as Group Starter Panels and Starter Panels must also become smaller. To solve this problem, JGP-21 uses NSU units equipped with high-performance CPUs which handle control sequences. When designing the smaller system, we took great care to ensure that operability and maintainability were not affected by the reduction in size. We also performed extensive tests to verify that the high temperatures, high humidity, and harsh vibration common in the engine room environment do not prevent the equipment from operating correctly and reliably.

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