High Voltage Shore Connection System

Product Description

Our High Voltage Shore Connection System allows for a dramatic reduction in pollution by connecting a docked vessel to the shore’s power supply. Thanks to this connection, the vessel can reduce the amount of pollution that would normally be caused by the onboard power generation system. Fully compliant with IEC/ISO/IEEE80005-1 international standards, the entire system is housed in a 40-foot container equipped with everything necessary for the connection, including cable reels, a high-voltage switchboard, and ship-side connection cables. It can be adapted not only for in-service ships, but also for existing vessels regardless of the type of vessel.

Project Development History

The number of countries strengthening their regulation of exhaust gases emitted from vessels and port facilities has been increasing in recent years. Since vessels normally need to generate power continuously, even when stopped in port, we decided to design and build a system to “borrow” the shore power and use it to power the docked vessel, thereby allowing the engines to remain idle and preventing them from generating pollution.

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