J-S/Eco (JRCS Smart Eco System)

Product Description

J-S/Eco is a cooling sea water inverter drive system which eliminates wasted energy by preventing the cooling sea water pumps from working harder than necessary.
After the appropriate temperature valve opening degree is set based on the main engine load and other factors, J-S/Eco adjusts the cooling pump’s motor frequency to ensure that the pumps feed the heat exchangers the correct amount of cooled water to maintain the set opening degree.
Standard pumps are run at 100% frequency, but this results in wasted energy because the sea water is almost never hot enough to merit such costly operation. J-S/Eco prevents this waste and saves you money by running the pumps at the most appropriate speed, ensuring that the pump output is never more than the system actually needs.
J-S/Eco is a registered trademark of JRCS.

Project Development History

Until now, sea water cooling pumps have been run at 100% frequency regardless of where the vessel is sailing or if it is sailing during the summer or the winter months. This inevitably leads to an excess of cooling water because the pumps do not need to work as hard in the winter than in the summer.
By using inverter technology at J-S/Eco, it becomes possible, by controlling the rotation speed (motor frequency) of the main cooling seawater pump, to control the actual flow rate of seawater from a low to high flow rate, supplying only the amount of cooling necessary according to the amount of heat required to be cooled.
As a veteran developer and manufacturer of electrical equipment for the marine market, only JRCS can offer such a revolutionary product with such a high level of safety and operability.

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