J-S/Eye (JRCS Smart Eye System)

Product Description

J-S/Eye is an early-warning system which uses a series of high-precision cameras installed in a vessel’s engine room to detect propulsion system/generator fuel oil leaks, smoke, and other abnormal conditions which could lead to a fire or other serious disaster. Upon detection, the system alerts the crew, who can then take the necessary preventative action.
While previous systems are only able to detect a disaster once it happens, J-S/Eye’s series of high-precision cameras allow it to detect the first signs of trouble, enabling the crew to take action to prevent the disaster from happening altogether.

Project Development History

A fire is one of the worst disasters which can occur aboard a vessel. Since the damage is hard to contain, repairing the inside of a vessel after a fire often takes a very long time, during which the vessel cannot perform its assigned work. Therefore, not only does the customer have to pay for repair costs, but they lose money while the vessel is under repair in the dock.
The most common cause of an engine room fire is a fuel oil leak from the propulsion system or generator engine.
Since traditional fire alarm systems only activate upon the detection of smoke or a flame, there have been cases when the crew did not have enough time to extinguish the fire before it spread out of control.
J-S/Eye constantly monitors the engine room conditions and is able to detect the initial signs of a fire before it actually occurs, giving the crew enough time to react and take appropriate measures to prevent a costly disaster.

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