J-S/Net (JRCS Smart Network System)

Product Description

J-S/Net uses a Local Area Network (LAN) to improve the efficiency of various operations and services onboard a vessel. This system provides many benefits, including alarm monitoring functions, communication functions, and a transceiver which allows the crew to keep in contact from different parts of the vessel. J-S/Net improves the ship’s overall operating efficiency by consolidating its various systems and services into an accessible and flexible local area network.
J-S/Net has the following 3 major features:

・ Alarm monitoring functionality provided by the onboard Alarm & Monitoring System (AMS) and Integrated Automation System (IAS)
・ Communication features such as a telephone, e-mail, and bulletin board
・ A transceiver

J-S/Net is a registered trademark of JRCS.

Project Development History

J-S/Net is the first product in the “JRCS Smart Series” lineup. This new product line aims to utilize our extensive knowledge of marine equipment to provide customers with next-generation, “smart” technology.
J-S/Net equips your vessel with the latest in Information Technology (IT) equipment and wireless networking technology. The entire system can be customized to your unique specifications and budget, ensuring that you get exactly the system you need.
J-S/Net is most often used as a tool to increase the efficiency and effectiveness of work aboard ferries or government vessels, as well as outfitting work aboard vessels in the shipyard.

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