Low Voltage Main Switchboard

Product Description

The JSB-2L Low Voltage Main Switchboard (LVMSB) features generator panels which are 33% smaller in width than their predecessors while retaining the high level of performance and reliability that has made the series so popular among customers worldwide.
The cable connections and maintenance procedures have not changed even though the product itself is 1/3 smaller.
To achieve such a small size, the individual generator panels had to be redesigned from the ground up hand-in-hand with the Air Circuit Breaker (ACB) manufacturer. Together we took a step-by-step approach, examining every aspect of the design from top to bottom. Including the improved ACB cradle, the new design represents the latest in miniaturization technology.

Project Development History

In response to customer requests for more cargo and living space, designers have reduced the size of the engine control room in order to keep the overall vessel size the same. This means that equipment such as the Low Voltage Main Switchboard must also become smaller. To solve this problem, JSB-2L uses a space-saving design to reduce the size of the generator panels by 33% over the previous model. The amount of necessary hardware was reduced by combining the control circuits, operation switches, and indication lamps into single units. While being smaller is an excellent advantage in itself, this new “combined unit” design is also much easier to maintain than the old, separated style.

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