Medium Voltage Main Switchboard

Product Description

The metal-enclosed JSB-2 Medium Voltage Main Switchboard (MVMSB) features a compact, robust structure which has been specifically designed to withstand the harsh operating conditions aboard a marine vessel.
Each internal compartment is separated from the others by metal plates, minimizing damage from accidents and enabling independent operation of the various parts. To ensure compliance with the highest safety and reliability standards, an International Electrotechnical Commission (IEC) 62271-200 interlock system which can be operated quickly and easily from the front of the panel is provided as a standard feature.
JSB-2 has passed the strictest IEC tests, including the internal arc fault test. In addition, it has received approval from multiple marine classification societies worldwide.

Project Development History

The recent past has seen marine vessels continuing to increase considerably in size, with container vessels now able to carry 20,000 TEUs of cargo and Liquefied Natural Gas (LNG) vessels able to carry over 200,000 m³ of cargo.In addition, the performance of the propulsion systems required to drive these vessels depends entirely on the efficiency and reliability of the onboard electrical system—in other words, the Medium Voltage Main Switchboard. At the same time, these vessels must respond to the changing energy market and demand for energy-saving operation. The voltage of shipboard electrical systems is increasing.
It was to this background that JSB-2 was designed completely in-house and released in 2002.

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