OASIS (Operationally Advanced Super Integrated System)

Product Description

For the past half-century, JRCS has dedicated itself to pushing the boundaries of marine technology. Our mission has and always will be to provide you with products which enable safe and efficient navigation. To that end, we always design our products with their users—your crew—first and foremost in mind.
High performance and high quality with the durability to endure even the toughest operating conditions, our products have a long history of superior service in the machinery and cargo parts of all manner of vessels. Thanks to their superior performance and reliability, JRCS automation and control systems have earned the confidence and trust of shipowners and shipbuilders worldwide.
OASIS, an acronym for “Operationally Advanced Super Integrated System”, is an Integrated Automation System (IAS) for Liquefied Natural Gas (LNG) carriers and other vessels which demand the highest level of performance and safety. OASIS takes advantage of the technical knowledge and skill honed over decades of our work in the marine industry to provide you with a system which satisfies your exact needs.

Project Development History

OASIS was created in response to the demand for the high-performance, robust systems required by modern LNG carriers and other advanced vessels. Valuable insight from shipowners, crew, and shipyards was combined with our deep experience and technical know-how in the marine industry to create the perfect system for such vessels.
Liquefied natural gas must ordinarily be stored at a temperature of -169 degrees Celsius. Simply storing the material at this temperature is an extremely difficult endeavor, and even a single mistake made during cargo loading/unloading or navigation can have disastrous results.
As a result, customers requested a system which can monitor and control not only the engine and other machinery parts, but the cargo parts as well.
OASIS consolidates many different systems into a single, easy-to-use platform for controlling your vessel. In this way, it makes your vessel safer to use and easier to operate.
OASIS is equipped with a wide range of flexible, high-performance functions to satisfy the demands of even the strictest customer. For example,

1. An intricate control system which supports both continual and sequential operation
2. Important logic calculations such as interlocks
3. High-precision, high-speed calculation functions necessary for navigation guidance
4. Extensive alarm and event history which serves as the record of a voyage
5. Remote control and monitoring functions from multiple locations on board
6. Extensive system redundancy which offers unparalleled reliability
7. A simple and easy-to-use interface which reduces human error

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