System Retrofitting

Why Is System Retrofitting Necessary?

In order to ensure safe and efficient navigation at sea, JRCS recommends that systems be replaced over time as the vessel ages.
If you encounter one or more of the following issues, JRCS will be happy to offer a consultation and provide a retrofitting solution which meets all of your needs:

・ Systems fail frequently
・ Supply of maintenance parts has been discontinued
・ Parts manufacturer has left the marine market
・ Functionality of present equipment is unsatisfactory
・ Continued use of system is necessary even after vessel has aged

What Are the Benefits of JRCS System Retrofitting?

The following are just a few of the benefits of the system retrofitting performed by JRCS:

・ The latest, most modern systems can be introduced
・ JRCS systems can be introduced even if the original systems were not made by JRCS
・ Maintenance becomes more convenient and user-friendly
・ Maintenance costs are reduced
・ Service can be performed at major ports around the world
・ Updating old systems contributes to safe and efficient navigation

Why Choose JRCS to Perform Your System Retrofitting?

As environmental regulations are being strengthened, we are engaged in a number of electrical designs, construction and engineering related to the ballast water treatment equipment and additional work for Sox scrubber equipment.
JRCS engineers possess a deep knowledge of and have achieved real-world retrofitting results with a wide variety of vessels, including ones inside and outside of Japan as well as vessels which are sailing or still in the dock.
JRCS relies on a knowledge base cultivated and strengthened over many projects in order to deliver a retrofitting solution which meets the customer’s needs and exceeds their expectations.
Our experienced service engineers will install and test the system based on the customer’s instructions, at the customer’s desired location, and within the customer’s desired timeframe. We believe that the retrofitting process is not complete until the system is successfully delivered with the full satisfaction of the customer.

Retrofitting Example 1: LNG vessel / New Alarm & Monitoring System with Maintenance Support

After 20 years of use, maintenance on another manufacturer’s Alarm & Monitoring System could no longer be performed. In response, JRCS replaced the old AMS with one of its own, all while using existing sensors, cables, and related engine extension alarm systems. The retrofitting work was completed in three weeks during regular docking.

Retrofitting Example 2: Container vessel / New Alarm & Monitoring System with Superior Functionality

The vessel went into service featuring a state-of-the-art automation system. However, the Alarm & Monitoring System was an outdated system manufactured by another company, and JRCS was asked to install its own AMS featuring touch-panel LCDs. The new system used LCDs instead of the previously installed individual annunciators and indication lamps, enabling centralized monitoring on two operation stations. Removal of the old system, installation of the new system, and all necessary adjustments were performed at an overseas repair yard over a period of two weeks.

Retrofitting Example 3: FPSO / Additional Generator Panels to Satisfy Increased Load Demand

In response to an increased load demand aboard an FPSO (Floating Production Storage and Offloading Unit) for offshore oil and gas, JRCS improved the existing two-generator design by adding two generator panels and a synchronizing panel, meeting the increased load demand by bringing the total number of generators to four.

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