SMS-55 (Alarm Monitoring & Control System)

Product Description

SMS-55 is the latest generation of JRCS Alarm and Monitoring Systems (AMS) which support the safe and efficient operation of your vessels. Ideal for bulk carriers, tankers, car carriers, Liquefied Petroleum Gas (LPG) carriers, and container vessels, SMS-55 offers unparalleled performance with a simple, easy-to-use interface. The customizable Operator Stations (OPS) provide centralized access to all necessary data, and self-diagnostic functions ensure that the system, and your vessel, is always running in top shape.

Project Development History

SMS-55 is the latest model in the SMS series of marine Alarm, Monitoring and Control Systems (AMS, AMCS). The previous model, SMS-22-K, has earned its record of superior reliability and safety after being installed in hundreds of vessels worldwide. During SMS-22-K’s long service period we received many suggestions and requests from customers. SMS-55 is our answer to those requests, and more.
SMS-55 features both upgraded hardware and software but retains the key features which made SMS-22-K so popular and easy-to-use, providing customers and crew with the best of both new and old.
Some of SMS-55’s new features are listed below.

1. Enhanced trend functions (1 second sampling, shading analysis)
2. Free graph functionality which enables easy visualization of measurement data
3. Log which tracks changes to settings
4. Ability to save data in an electronic format
5. An operation manual accessible from the screen (new Help menu)

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