Total Engineering

Total Engineering, the JRCS Way

As a manufacturer of power and automation equipment for the global marine market, JRCS is dedicated to ensuring that the customer’s cargo reaches its destination safely and on time. Our total engineering philosophy allows us to apply our experience and know-how for the benefit of the customer during every stage of a product’s design and manufacturing, as well as during the many years of after-service support which follows delivery.
Our comprehensive approach leads to solutions which the customer may otherwise not have considered an option. In the same way, our knowledge and skill gives us the ability to recognize and indicate needs which the customer themselves may have not yet realized. In this way, we can exceed the customer’s expectations and provide them with a product which is truly the best value for their money.
Our dedication to the customer does not end with a successful product delivery. Since a machine is only as effective as the crew who control it, we offer comprehensive crew training courses at our Toyoura factory. In addition, engineers are on call the world over to provide periodic maintenance or emergency service work whenever necessary.
Our involvement in the design, production, and support processes from beginning to end allows us to develop new solutions in response to customer needs, with the ultimate goal of providing comprehensive support over the entire lifetime of our products.

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