Manufacturer offers training

We have supported the training for the operation of our products and the fulfilling contents have been evaluated by customers, making it possible to offer the training as an additional service.
It’s natural for a manufacturer to ship superior products however now including training is even more of a total service.
Here, adjacent to the production area is a specialized training facility where mariners are able to square up a scrupulous curriculum of a suitable level.
In terms of cost, the number of duties each person is responsible for is increasing; crews dealing with ships are required to have advanced technology and knowledge.
In order to respond to such needs, we will work to return technology and accumulated knowledge backed up by experience to customers.

Training programs that conform to the STCW Convention

According to the International Convention on Standards of Training, Certification and Watchkeeping for Seafarers (STCW), seamen’s skills are strictly stipulated by international standards. JRCS is a company providing training programs that conform to the STCW Convention and is engaged in the education and training of seafarers while making a contribution to the safe operation of ships.

The following Training Programs are certified by Class NK and conform to the STCW.
・High Voltage Switchboard: STCW A-Ⅲ/1, A-Ⅲ/2,A-Ⅲ/6 and B-Ⅲ/2, IMOModel Course7.02, 7.04, 7.08 Operation Course
・High Voltage Switchboard:STCW A-Ⅲ/2, A-Ⅲ/6 and B-Ⅲ/2 , Model Course7.02, 7.08 Management Course
・Low Voltage Switchboard・Starter Panel・Engine Control Console:STCW A1-2, ISM6.3 Training Course

Simulator and educational program package

At the training facility here, simulators of the actual panels installed onboard the ship are used in order to learn practical situations such as troubleshooting problems found onboard the ship. It is also possible to provide a simulator and educational program as a package to be carried out at the customer’s training facility. In recent years, we have also delivered simulators and educational programs for high-voltage switchboards that have acquired NK certification to overseas maritime training facilities.

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